GE9X Commercial Aircraft Engine

GE9X Commercial Aircraft Engine
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The world's next great engine

More than seven months ahead of a typical program schedule, we fired the first GE9X engine on our testing grounds in Peebles, Ohio to ensure ample time to validate and mature its design before entry into service on the new Boeing 777X aircraft. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering confidence from day one.
Tested for years. Confidence from day one.

With the most extensive technology maturation program in the history of GE Aviation, the GE9X engine will deliver world-class reliability and performance at service entry. But first, components undergo rigorous testing at specialized facilities around the globe.

In more than a century of building engines and powering flight, GE Aviation has never stopped innovating. All those years of research, testing and development will come together to power the new Boeing 777X airplane with the all-new GE9X commercial engine, built on a proven architecture while incorporating the latest technologies and materials.

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