V2500 engine

V2500 engine
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The V2500 engine is designed and manufactured by International Aero Engines, a global partnership of aerospace leaders including Pratt & Whitney, Japanese Aero Engine Corporation and MTU Aero Engines.

International Aero Engines brings advantages in technical excellence and manufacturing expertise, with a reputation of producing the engine of choice for the Airbus A320 family.

V2500 engines offer the most advanced technologies in the 22,000- to 33,000-pound thrust range with lowest overall emissions in its class.

The IAE V2500 SelectOne™ build standard entered service on schedule in October 2008. SelectOne™ delivers reduced fuel burn along with a corresponding reduction in emissions, and a time on-wing improvement while further enhancing the engine’s durability.

Engine Models

  • V2500-A1

  • V2522-A5

  • V2524-A5

  • V2527-A5

  • V2530-A5

  • V2533-A5

  • V2525-D5

  • V2528-D5

  • V2531-E5

Airplanes Powered

  • Airbus A319

  • Airbus A320

  • Airbus A321

  • Boeing MD-90

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