Embraer – Legacy 500

Embraer – Legacy 500
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Predict the future? Why not invent it? That’s the philosophy behind our game-changing Legacy 500 — the first midsize jet with digital flight controls with full fly-by-wire, and a clean-sheet benchmark for the future in performance, passenger room and comfort. The 12-passenger Legacy 500 is the fastest jet in its class, delivering a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.82, excellent runway performance, and US coast-to-coast range for eight. It’s truly a product of rethinking convention.


  • Fastest jet in midsize segment

  • Full digital flight controls, unique in its segment

  • Largest-in-class cabin

  • 6 feet tall with flat floorBest cabin pressurization in class

  • Four fully-reclining seats

  • Remarkably low noise levels

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