Tracker Unmanned Aircraft Systems UAS

Tracker Unmanned Aircraft Systems UAS
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Tracker is a short-range mini UAS/UAV with two low noise electric engines. Carried as a backpack, it can be operated by a two-man team.  This fully automatic unmanned aircraft can be deployed in all weather conditions, flat terrain, mountainous areas or urban environments.

Operational area

Tracker can operate at a range of 10 km for more than 90 minutes at a time.

Use Tracker for:

  • Over-the-hill reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition

  • Peacekeeping

  • Convoy and VIP protection

Why choose Tracker?

  • Easy to control: simplifies operation with advanced man-machine interface (MMI), flight guidance, navigation and digital 3D-2D cartography.

  • Quiet: runs on two low noise electric engines.

  • Saves money on operating costs: very robust and easy to maintain.

  • Easy to transport in two carry-cases.

  • Undetected: difficult to detect because of its very low thermal, optical and acoustic signature.

  • Eye in the sky: Gets images and video.

  • Quick deployment: launch by hand – no catapult required.

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