UAV SkyRanger

UAV SkyRanger
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Aeryon SkyRanger the benchmark for VTOL sUAS

The Aeryon SkyRanger™ sUAS, airframe and integrated platform, is based on successful customer exercises and missions around the world. Ideal for commercial, public safety and military applications, the SkyRanger offers:

  • Up to 50 minute flight time

  • Single operator transport and deployment, no launch or recovery equipment

  • Reliable flight performance in demanding environments and high winds

  • Integrated payloads and software solutions

This Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) sUAS enables:

  • Continuous eyes-on-target

  • Operations in confined or hard-to-reach environments

  • Low-risk launch and retrieval without peripheral equipment

The SkyRanger is suited for both land and maritime applications.

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