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The A330 MRTT is the only new-generation Multi Role Tanker Transport aircraft fully certified, in operational service and combat proven now. The A330 MRTT uniquely offers military strategic air transport as well as superior air-to-air refuelling capabilities that have already been extensively proven in numerous real operations by current operators. With 46 aircraft sold to 6 Major Air Forces (Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Singapore and France), the A330 MRTT is the preferred tanker/transport solution for current and future needs.

The A330 MRTT is the most capable Tanker/ Transport currently available. It is the only solution offering true multi-role capabilities: three different roles in one single platform.(Tanker role).

The A330 MRTT is able to perform all this roles in the same sortie without the need of reconfiguration, providing unique versatility in a wide range of varied missions worldwide. Able to carry up to 111 tonnes / 245,000 lb of fuel in its wings, the basic fuel capacity of the successful A330-200 airliner, from which it is derived, enables the A330 MRTT to excel in Air-to-Air Refuelling missions and refuel any kind of receiver, without the need for any additional fuel tank, hereby avoiding any reduction in its ability to carry passengers or cargo.

Thanks to its inherited true wide-body fuselage, the A330 MRTT offers a great variety of configurations. It can be used as a pure transport aircraft able to carry up to 300 troops, or a payload of up to 45 tonnes/99,000 lb. It can also easily be converted to accommodate up to 130 stretchers for Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) missions.

The Airbus Group tanker is the benchmark for new generation refuelling platforms: modern, adaptable and capable of carrying more passengers and freight whilst performing longer Air-to-Air Refuelling missions at the same time. The A330 MRTT is the most efficient way to succeed in your mission!

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