Enstrom Piston 280FX

Enstrom Piston 280FX
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the 280FX (Shark) deliver excellent performance, an enviable safety record, and low direct operating costs. The turbocharged power plant provides excellent high altitude performance. Our high inertia, fully articulated rotor system provides safety and stability, as well as a smooth ride and exceptional autorotation capabilities. Our unblocked tail rotor provides exceptional yaw control in the windiest conditions. Plus, comfort is king in our spacious cabin with NASA-inspired foam seating.


  •  Roomy cabin for 2-3 people

  • Custom paint designs with unlimited color schemes

  • Powerful, turbocharged, Textron Lycoming HIO-360-F1AD engine

  • 240º pilot visibility with chin and overhead windows

  • High skids for police, medical and military equipment

  • Low maintenance with excellent parts availability

  • High-inertia rotor system, which greatly benefits autorotation capability

  • Unblocked tail rotor, providing excellent control in high winds from any angle

Enstrom helicopters are well suited for military pilot training, law enforcement, and commercial and agriculture markets. And they are just plain fun to fly for the private pilot. All Enstroms are proudly made in the USA with domestic parts and labor.

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