Kestrel 350

Kestrel 350
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All-Composite Turboprop

The Kestrel is an all-new aircraft in a class that has seen very little change in the last 20 years. Developed by a team that has revolutionized General Aviation, it is designed without compromise for the way you want to live. It is engineered to set new standards. The Kestrel all-composite single-engine, turboprop aircraft will carry up to 8 people at high speed over long distances to places that jets simply can’t go. It will be far more versatile, burn less fuel, and be able to maintain approach speeds at large busy airports yet land on short, grass or gravel strips—so you arrive at your destination faster.



The Kestrel will be an exceptionally easy plane to fly, with superior handling characteristics and responsiveness, even at low speeds. It will climb efficiently at more than 2,250 ft/min to a maximum altitude of 31,000 feet, and cruise at greater than 320 kts. The trailing-link landing gear and oversized tires ensure that every landing in a Kestrel is smooth—even those on short, unpaved strips.


Passenger Friendly Design

The Kestrel cabin has been designed with an uncompromising focus on what matters most to you. At the top of the wide airstair door, passengers are welcomed into a spacious, bright cabin with a “big airplane” feel. In the standard 6-seat configuration, each passenger can relax in an adjustable, reclining seat, next to a large panoramic window. No other aircraft in this class offers such an unrestricted view. The flat cabin floor, with no sunken aisle, lets everyone stretch out and relax in comfort.


Versatile & Efficient

Do you need a luxurious 6-seat airplane with a private bathroom? Or a flying SUV with space for all your sports gear and the dogs? Or an 8-seat people mover? The Kestrel can be all of these.

The Kestrel interior will be quickly reconfigurable from weekday business to weekend sport or leisure use, accommodating any combination of passengers and cargo with a full fuel payload of 1,200 lbs.

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