Glasair Merlin LSA

Glasair Merlin LSA
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After months of careful preparation, Glasair Aviation’s new light sport aircraft, Merlin, took its first flight through the skies above Arlington Municipal Airport Tuesday, April 7, 2015. Following detailed validation testing, including engine run-up, high-speed taxi, and ground roll lift off, the team at Glasair stood back and watched as Merlin departed the surface of runway 34 with test-pilot Grant Smith at the controls. The flight lasted fifty-seven minutes, as Smith took the plane through a full test flight profile that included validating the engine’s reliability, exploring flight control characteristics in flight and conducting standard flight maneuvers.

The Merlin is a composite, high-wing, tricycle-gear airplane certified by the FAA as meeting ASTM standards for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). It is fitted with a Rotax 912iS engine and Advanced Flight System glass-panel avionics. Design of an optional BRS parachute system is in development. The Merlin is the company's first offering certified for sale as a fully built, ready-to-fly aircraft.


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