Evolution Turbine

Evolution Turbine
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Turboprop power, efficiency and simplicity.

What’s a Turboprop? It is a jet turbine engine that drives a propeller. Jet engines are simple machines, with few moving parts. They convert kerosene into power and speed, and they do it very reliably. The smile on your face is a bonus. The Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop engine is iconic, probably the most famous turboprop engine of them all. There are more than 50 variations of this engine and it powers more different types than any other. The Evolution uses the 750 hp. PT6-135A.

You never get tired of 750 hp. Ever.
It’s a perfect fit for the Evolution.


Aircraft performance is largely the result of combining light weight in a shape with minimum aerodynamic drag, with adequate power.

The Evolution flies quite nicely with a 350 hp. engine. But we gave the Evolution Turboprop more than twice that amount. We just couldn't help ourselves, we are Lancair, after all. We made the Evolution light and strong by manufacturing the entire airplane out of Carbon Fiber which is the strongest, lightest material you can make just about anything out of. The Boeing Dreamliner? The same Carbon Fiber as used in the Evolution. Indy Cars, F-1 cars, America's Cup racing yachts? All are formed in Pre-preg, thermally cured Carbon Fiber, just like the Evolution. It is this miracle material that allows us to create the perfect aerodynamic shape for efficient, safe flight. Flight that puts a smile on your face.


What makes an airframe "safe"? Foremost would be benign, predictable flying qualities and wide operating envelope. It's in the numbers. The Evolution provides low stall speeds, clean or configured for landing. A 61 KIAS Vso on the low end and the 190 KIAS Va indicates great low speed handling as well as the ability to safely penetrate unforeseen turbulence or maneuver if necessary. The 256 KIAS Vne is evidence of the incredible strength of the Carbon Fiber airframe's incredible strength without any high speed "danger zones".

Still, if it is ever necessary, the Evolution is the only Turboprop equipped with EEAPS, the Evolution Emergency Airframe Parachute System. This specifically designed Ballistic Recovery System can be deployed to bring the aircraft safely to the ground under the canopy of the parachute.

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