Flight Design C4

Flight Design C4
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The Flight Design C4 is an all carbon composite four-place light aircraft based upon the advanced design of the popular Flight Design CT series of aircraft. Key features are the new Continental IO-360AF Alternate Fuels engine, conceived to “future proof” the C4, an advanced glass panel cockpit by Garmin and an integrated, full airplane parachute system. Flight Design has always designed its planes for excellent cross country performance and the C4 is planned to have up to a 1200 NM (2200km) range.
Due in large part to the structural efficiency of carbon composites, the C4 will also provide true utility with a giant, easy to enter cabin and a very high useful load of 1320 Lbs(600kg). As a part of the development process, mock ups of the airframe and interior cabin have been shown extensively for customer input on the ergonomic design.

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