Arion Aircraft Lightning LS-1

Arion Aircraft Lightning LS-1
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The Lightning LS-1 is constructed entirely of aircraft grade components. Composite components are produced using aviation epoxies through internationally accepted quality control programs. All welded and machined components are built by aircraft welders with over 30 years experience in the industry. There is AN hardware throughout, Matco wheels and brakes, and components from companies like Mcfarlane Aviation, and Aircraft Windshields round out the top quality materials.
The Lightning LS-1 is designed and built around Jabiru’s powerful 3300 aircraft engine. With a displacement of over 200 cubic inches and a direct drive crank, this little beauty has over 120 hp on tap for performance rarely matched in a light sport aircraft.
Arion Aircraft spent over 3 years making the kit Lightning as efficient and fast as we could, so slowing down to 120 kts was a complete reversal of thinking that had its benefits. By changing the airfoil slightly and adding 3 feet of wing span, the LS-1 stalls below 44 kts clean; giving this aircraft an impressive 52 kts approach speed for its class. Solo climb is in excess of 1200 fpm, while you can expect 1000 fpm at 1320 lbs. Cruise speeds and fuel burns fall in the 120 kts range at 5.5 gph. These are real performance numbers a pilot can rely on; not on a perfect day at sea level or flying around solo, but all loaded up!
A payload of up to 470 lbs is available, and now standard equipped with 40 gallons, you can go over 800 nm with VFR reserves!
The Lightning LS-1 is available as a factory built S-LSA or E-LSA.

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