Antonov An-148

Antonov An-148
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Regional Passenger Jet of a New Generation

In cooperation with more than 200 enterprises of 15 countries of the world ANTONOV Company developed a family of AN−148 regional twin−jets. These airplanes are high-technology and competitive products, which meet all the modern world requirements, safety and ecological standards as well as potential operators’ demands. They are intended for passenger, cargo−passenger and cargo transportations on regional and short−haul air routes. New airplanes are intended to replace the AN−24, Tu−134, Yak−40 and Yak−42.


The AN−148-100 family includes the following 68−85− seat versions:

-AN148−100A with a service range of 2100 km;

-AN148−100B with a service range of 3500 km;

-AN148−100E with a service range of 4400 km.


and modifications:

-versions with increased passenger capacity;

-versions with maximum comfort level for passengers;

-freighter with a side cargo door;

-freighter with a rear cargo ramp;

-passengercargo (combi) aircraft;

-special purpose aircraft.


The design solutions implemented in the AN−148 family aircraft provide the new airplanes with a number of advantages. One of them is considerably higher level of engine and wing structure protectability from damage with foreign objects provided due to scheme of a high−wing monoplane with engines on pylons under the wing. AN−148 can be safety operated at poor−equipped, pebble, unpaved, prepared ice− and snow−covered runways. APU, airborne system of registration of systems’ status and also high level of the aircraft systems’ operatability and reliability allow using AN−148−100 almost at all types of airdromes including those one considerably remote from a base airdrome. Due to convenient position of the under−floor cargo compartments it is not necessary to use special ground equipment when loading/unloading the baggage.

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