Dassault – Falcon 900LX

Dassault – Falcon 900LX
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Best-in-class performance, comfort and efficiency

The ongoing refinement of a pioneering idea

The latest in the immensely popular Falcon 900 series, this large-cabin trijet stands alone in its class for performance, comfort and efficiency.

Since its inception, more than 500 Falcon 900 aircraft have been delivered, each generation refining and building on the strengths of the previous, establishing an industry benchmark for longevity, durability, reliability and long-term value retention.

Capabilities that make it the leader in its class

Apply the latest aerodynamic technology and advanced avionics to an already ultra-efficient trijet, and you have an aircraft that will take you places its competitors cannot, like short runways and hot-and-high airports.

You also gain range and efficiency. Compared with earlier Falcon 900s, the 900LX delivers a range of 4,750 nm (8,800 km), and consumes less fuel.

The advantages of trijet design

While its ramp appeal is undeniable, the beauty of the 900LX’s trijet design enhances comfort and performance. In addition to allowing a large cabin within a compact fuselage, it lowers critical speeds for safer landings and superior short-field agility.

It’s more maneuverable on the tarmac, requires less hangar space – and it provides greater peace of mind and more direct routing on long routes over water.

Performance that makes the world yours

With High-Mach Blended Winglets extending its range to 4,750 nm (8,800 km), the 900LX crosses any ocean or continent, and sometimes one of each, traveling routes like London-Seattle with nonstop ease. It will fly you from Chicago Executive to Geneva, or just about anywhere on nearly one-third less fuel than its nearest competitor.

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