Dassault – Falcon 8X

Dassault – Falcon 8X
© Dassault Aviation

More Range, More Cabin, Legendary Efficiency.

Fly farther. Achieve more.

Stretching the boundaries of what can be achieved is a preoccupation that drives us.
For us, it means on-going innovation, enabling us to deliver ever better, ever more capable Falcons.

The latest result is the Falcon 8X. A new Falcon that can fly you farther, in greater comfort, and with even more efficiency.

Our new flagship. The freedom to fly where you want, as you like.

Its ultra-long range connects Hong Kong and Paris, London and Cape Town, Los Angeles and Beijing. Its cabin — the longest in the Falcon family — provides more comfort and a stunning choice of more than 30 distinct layouts.

And thanks to overall design enhancements, the 8X is every bit as fuel efficient as the Falcon 7X. The Falcon 8X continues Falcon traditions of efficiency, performance, flexibility and comfort, while saving millions in total life cycle costs versus any rival. Once again, we are stretching the boundaries of what a business jet can do for you, helping you accomplish more.

Reach beyond

With 6,450 nm (11,945 km) range and outstanding short-field performance, the 8X links important city pairs nonstop and accesses 500 more airports in the U.S. alone than its competitors. Then there’s the superlative airfield performance of  the Falcon 8X, which adds even more reach beyond other aircraft in its class.

Steep and strong, hot and high

Steep approach angles and strong climb-out gradients are no problem for  the Falcon 8X. Nor are hot and high conditions. And it delivers superior range from both. It is the only ultra-long-range business jet that can use London City’s 3,934 foot (1,200 m) runway. And after takeoff, it can fly nonstop to Dubai or New York.
Or departing Eagle, Colorado, an elevation above 6,500 ft (1,980 m), it can fly nonstop to Geneva, Switzerland.

More Range After Short Hops

The Falcon 8X can land at 85% of its maximum takeoff weight. So you can fuel up at home base and make a short hop before flying a longer leg of more than 4,500 nm (8,334 km) without refueling. It’s a capability that can save you money on home-based fuel and also boost your mission flexibility.

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