Tupolev Tu-95МС

Tupolev Tu-95МС
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Tu-95MC was created as a new weapon carrier - long range strategic air launched cruise missiles and put into serial production in 1981 – modification of a strategic bomber Tu-95 which has been in service with the Russian Air Force since 1957.

A prototype of "95/1" with 2ТВ-2Ф engines performed its first flight on November 12, 1952, test pilot was A.D. Perelet. The first flight of the prototype "95/2" with engines ТВ-12 was performed on February 16, 1955, test pilot was M.A. Nyuhtikov. Serial production started in 1955. Aircraft Tu-95 and Tu-95M were put into serial production: 50 vehicles including four aircraft in form of strategic long-range reconnaissance Tu-95MP, long-range target acquisition and reconnaissance aircraft TU-95РЦ - 53 aircraft, strategic missile carriers Tu-95К and Tu-95КМ, missile carrier Х-20М – 71 aircraft. Aircraft Tu-95 was developed in various modifications and has been in service before the beginning of the 90s. This aircraft has come through a number of modifications and modernization works on engines, weapons and equipment. In 1970-1980 missile carriers Tu-95К-22 with missiles Х-22Н were created on the basis of serial Tu-95КМ. Through a deep modernization of aircraft Tu-95РЦ in the end of 1960 was created a long-range antisubmarine aircraft Tu-142. Later a strategic missile carrier Tu-95МС - cruise missile carrier was developed on the basis of modification Tu-142М.


Design Features

Aircraft Tu-95 is a normal aerodynamic scheme with high-lying cantilevered three-spar wing. This aerodynamic design provides high aerodynamic efficiency at high speed flight. Aircraft performance improvement is also achieved by a high aspect ratio wing, corresponding to the angle of its sweep and a set of profiles along the span. Power plant of Tu-95 consists of four turboprop engines НК-12MП with coaxial four-blade propellers АВ-60К. Fuel is placed in the central fuselage tank, two central and four integral fuel tanks in the wing. Fueling is centralized. There is a refueling envelope of air refueling.

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