Tupolev Tu-204СМ

Tupolev Tu-204СМ
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The aircraft meets Russian and international flight safety requirements, including newly introduced requirements of ICAO and Eurocontrol, and ETOPS-120 requirements. According to its performance, Tu-204СМ is highly competitive with its foreign analogues.
Tu-204СМ exceeds its predecessors of the Tu-204 family in navigational and flying performance, meets world's fuel efficiency, comfortability and maintenance performance requirements, including ICAO Chapter 4 perceivable noise requirements.
By the decision of the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee, a Supplement to Type Certificate No СТ223-Ту-204-120CE/Д10 for Tu-204СМ aircraft was issued to "Tupolev" JSC on 31/05/2013.

The program of developing modernized Tu-204СМ aircraft includes the following:

  • Introduction of advanced technical solutions into the design, improvement of  production technology.

  • Installation of the equipment to meet future Eurocontrol, ICAO, P-RNAV, ETOPS requirements.

  • Reduction of operation costs (improvement of  maintainability and reliability, service life  and vendor items guarantee period extension). Easy and cheap maintenance support at base and  intermediate airfields.

  • New approaches to arrangement of after-sales service.

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