Passenger checkpoints (SCANNOJET)

Passenger checkpoints (SCANNOJET)
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Automated passenger checkpoint (SCANNOJET)

Security is the first priority for airport operators, but it is also important that the passenger’s experience is a pleasant one.

Airports are challenged with managing these two main aspects combined with the need to increase passenger throughput, reduce queues and enable security staff to work more efficiently in a safe environment. SCANNOJET is the most advanced tray return system for hand baggage at security checkpoints.

The equipment can be completely configured to individual requirements, and due to its innovative and flexible modular design, it can be adapted to the existing layout of any security checkpoint.

SCANNOJET offers the following benefits:

  • high passenger throughput – the system reduces both queuing and bottlenecks, which creates a calmer environment at stress points

  • increased security – staff can fully concentrate on their role without the need to handle trays

  • reduced costs – significant savings for airport operators

  • enhanced passenger experience – the security process is less stressful and more comfortable.

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