B787 Electro-mechanical brake

B787 Electro-mechanical brake
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UTC Aerospace Systems designs, manufactures, tests and provides products and aftermarket service for aircraft wheel and braking systems for civil and military aircraft applications.

Products include electric and hydraulically actuated brakes, featuring steel or carbon friction material, brake control systems, tire pressure monitoring systems and brake temperature monitoring systems.

Innovative breakthroughs in brakes include DURACARB® carbon friction material, EDL® and electro-mechanical braking technology and systems integration.
With over 65 years of experience and more than 22,000 aircraft equipped with our wheels and brakes, airlines and aircraft manufacturers worldwide look to UTC Aerospace Systems for unrivalled insight and technological expertise to support their ever changing needs. Our objective is to partner with our customers to be the best by offering a costeffective, sustainable product to compete in this challenging aerospace market.

First to Fly Electric Brakes

UTC Aerospace Systems is the recognized leader in electric brake technology, having launched its development efforts more than a decade ago. In 1998, Goodrich successfully flew a full-authority electro-mechanical brake system on a USAF fighter aircraft – an industry first. In 2007, Goodrich became the first supplier to have a full-authority electro-mechanical brake system in production with the introduction on a Military unmanned (UAV) aircraft. Our experience has afforded us a host of “lessons learned” that have been applied to the world’s first commercial application of this technology on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
As a result, the Goodrich 787 electro-mechanic brake system is: smarter, more durable and easier to maintain

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