Acoustic materials

Acoustic materials
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Acoustic energy absorbing elastomeric materials are used in underwater applications for submarines and surface ships. Products produced include an autoclave-cured rubber boot nearly 30 feet in diameter and weighing more than 20,000 pounds, as well as a variety of acoustic tiles and coatings that meet specified performance requirements of underwater sound applications. Sonar windows and other bonded elastomer components are capable of reducing noise from shipboard machinery.

A patented Engineered Polymer Products (EPP) technology called RHO-COR® combines structural composites with an elastomeric core, resulting in high-performance acoustic windows that can be fabricated to meet a a wide range of incidence angle and frequency requirements.. RHO-COR acoustic windows, bow domes and keel domes have been used by Navy surface ships for anti-submarine warfare.

EPP’s advanced acoustic materials and products offer superior acoustic performance, along with more robust structural properties than conventional designs.

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