Harness Assembly

Harness Assembly
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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies offers standard and custom cable & wire harness fabrication and assemblies that integrate aircraft-grade computer cabling and fiber optic technology when needed. Discrete assemblies range from single end terminated to multi-breakout harnesses; one wire to over 1,000 wires. Harness Assemblies have the ability to integrate fiber & copper and RF. (Form Board & bench top fabrication).

Experience & tooling for terminating virtually all types of Aerospace & Military Connectors – Mil-C-24308 (D-Sub Miniature), Mil-C-38999 (Mil-Circular), Mil-C-5015 (Mil-Circular), Mil-C-26482 (Mil-Circular), MIL-C-26500 (Mil-Circular), ARINC 404 & 600 Rack & Panel, EN4165/ ARINC 809/BACC65 (Rectangular), Quadrax (Ethernet), RJ45 & RJ11 (Communications), ABS (Airbus Circular & Rectangular), BACC (Boeing Circular & Rectangular), EN (European Norm Circular & Rectangular). Experience & tooling for terminating many types of commercial/industrial interconnects from companies such Molex, Tyco, Packard, JST, Berg, Deutsch, etc.

Harness Assembly Capabilities

- Ability to provide custom composite cable solution, or to provide jacketing material on exterior of assembly (ex. Neoprene, Hypalon)
- Overbraiding Capabilities include complete textile (Nomex, Dacron, Kevlar, etc.) and metal braiding (Tin Copper, Stainless Steel, Brass, etc.)
- Overmolding/Potting – Ability to overmold breakouts, provide high-pressure & low pressure molded strain reliefs, grommets, & components and to encapsulate via a variety of potting compounds
- Soldering Capability in accordance to J-STD-001 Class 1, 2, & 3. Operators trained to all aspects of IPC-WHMA-A620. Select operators trained to IPC-610
- Complete Laser Wire Marking Capabilities compliant to Boeing BAC5152, SAE AS5649, ASD prEN4650, Airbus & Sikorsky Requirements, Conforms to SAE ARP5607 and meets AS50881 (MIL5088L)
- Hot Stamping Wire Marking if required
- Automated Cut & Strip Wire Processing Machines
- Pneumatic Jacket Stripping, Inner conductor stripping, & Pneumatic Contact Crimping (Pull testing & Crimp Height Verification)
- ESD Assembly & Handling
- Complete Labeling Capability including Thermal & Dot Matrix, TYCO TMS (M23053), WH Brady Marking System with proprietary label database. Capability to provide virtually any type of customer labelling requirements
- Lacing Tie capability compliant with IPC-WHMA-A-620, FAA AC43.13.1, Ch 11, and Boeing Diagram Manual D6-54446 Chapter 20, Section 20-10-1 & Airbus - Chapter 20
- Box Build Capability including complete turnkey electromechanical solution

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