Aircraft engine electric harnesses

Aircraft engine electric harnesses
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HarcoSemco’s engine harnesses withstand the grueling environment of an engine in operation. HarcoSemco has designed and qualified harnesses that are resilient to intense levels of vibration and exposure to potentially harmful fluids. Critical to on-engine applications, HarcoSemco has identified and refined the combination of materials and processes to offer maximum resilience to high temperatures.

HarcoSemco can offer the latest advances in lightweight components featuring integral back shells, replaceable shielding at
connector transitions and shrink boots lending for on-engine repair.


• Accessory • Control/monitor • FADEC/DECU • Thermocouple lead


• Temperature resistant materials (Viton) • Water resistant

• Manufactured in 3D configuration customized molding

• Potted back-shells • Machine braided

• Color coded for system identification


• Fluid ingress protected • Moisture and chafe resistant

• Vibration and heat tolerant • High reliability • Better fit • Reduced weight

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