Flooring – AerFusion eco®

Flooring – AerFusion eco®
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AerFusion eco®

AerFusion eco® is a new all-in-one light weight construction aircraft flooring specifically designed to support the increasing demands of today’s aircraft industry though Patent Pending technology resulting in an enhanced flooring solution. AerFusion eco™ is the only printable ABD 0031 compliant non-textile flooring that can satisfy Airlines brand requirements, while enhancing passengers comfort and safety through revolutionary anti-slip resistance.

Product Features

AerFusion eco™ offers the well-established Schneller NTF benets including: large range of color and design options, superior slip, abrasion and telegraph resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance; all while providing unique eco-friendly features which include:

- Lower weight construction resulting in enhanced fuel economy.

- Material available in continuous roll form yielding less waste.

- Low tox product composition meets the Airbus ABD 0031 requirement.

- AerFusion eco has the best slip resistance to insure your passengers and staff members safety and comfort.

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