Air Distribution Systems

Air Distribution Systems
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Ultra-quiet air conditioning solutions

We at Diehl Aircabin have been relying for years on state-of-the-art technologies that enable the use of carbon fiber and fiberglass plastics for even the most complex geometries. We develop systems that are implemented extremely efficiently and according to the highest recognized standards of quality as part of a single-stage production process.

So air ducting from Diehl Aircabin outlasts the life cycle of an aircraft with no maintenance work whatsoever. Only the filter elements have to be regularly checked, overhauled, and, if necessary, replaced. Our developers' impressive range of expertise is clearly demonstrated by the honeycomb design of individual components. Special sound-muffling and air-conducting techniques make the air-conditioning solutions from Diehl Aircabin the quietest of their kind.

Our air distribution portfolio at a glance

  • Cabin Air Distribution- Flight Crew Rest Compartments (FCRC) Ventilation

  • Cabin Temperature Control

  • Crew Rest Compartment (CRC) Ventilation

  • Cabin Air Extraction

  • In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Ventilation

  • Individual Ventilation

  • Avionic Ventilation

  • Flight Deck Ventilation

  • Forward Cargo Compartment Ventilation

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