Cabin heating/cooling system

Cabin heating/cooling system
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The system of passenger compartment heating and cockpit heating ensures sufficient thermal comfort and ventilation of the aircraft space.

The cabin temperature is regulated by an automatic control unit. The system evaluates the temperature in the cabin and, via the regulation valve, controls the inlet of hot air to the mixers, thus maintaining the selected temperature.

The control unit consists of the segmented display that serves for displaying the measured and set values of temperature in the heating system.

The equipment allows communication with parent system (FMS, EFIS, etc.) through standardised bus bars or via the indication of discrete conditions. The behaviour of the built-in digital regulator, including the limiting temperatures, is fully configurable by the user.

Other equipment in the cabin heating control unit is the control box located directly in the airframe. The crew has controllers for switching the heating on and for setting the required temperature. Further data is indicated by external indicators and provided to the parent systems.

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