Passenger Oxygen Control Panel P27029

Passenger Oxygen Control Panel P27029
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The P27029 Control Panel provides complete passenger oxygen system control in a single integrated unit. The industry standard PPP Control Valve provides automatic actuation of the passenger system as well as “ON” (manual override) and “OFF” positions. In normal flight situations the control knob is set in “AUTO” mode.

In the event of a cabin decompression the Control Valve solenoid is automatically triggered at a pre-determined altitude, allowing oxygen flow to the system. The crew may initiate the passenger oxygen system manually by turning the control knob to “ON”. When passenger system is actuated, an internal pressure switch will illuminate the green “Oxy On” light indicating proper system pressure. There is a test port on the front of the panel for testing the panel while in the "AUTO" position and a vacuum is applied to the test port. A special test fitting (P40111) may be used for this purpose.

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