Thrush 510P

Thrush 510P
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The Thrush 510P has an unmatched track record of setting the industry standard for tough dependability, high performance, and low maintenance. Powered by the legendary PT6A-34AG, flat rated to 750 shp, the Thrush 510P delivers exceptional power for takeoff and climb, while carrying the kind of maximum loads and delivering the superior spray patterns that make every ag pilot more productive and profitable. Plus, the 510P gives you an unmatched 29,000-hour wing spar life, which makes it the kind of airplane you can depend on for even the toughest tasks.


  • Unmatched stability and control

  • 365 square feet of wing area

  • Wire strike protection is standard

  • MVP-50 glass panel cockpit display

  • Powder-coated airframe

  • 29,000 hour wing spar life

  • Rugged 18ft long stainless steel belly skins

  • Chromate chemical conversion on each aluminum part

  • Stress relieves all stress steel parts including engine mount, wing attach tubes and landing attach point

  • Stainless steel cam locks, studs and grommets

  • Premium purchases parts

  • Best warranty in the business: 1 year on all Thrush manufactured parts

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