Thrush 510GR

Thrush 510GR
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The Thrush 510GR has been a performance favorite among ag operators for many years. Thanks to its well-proven Honeywell TPE 331 engine, the 510GR provides operators a host of cost-saving benefits that make it one of the most economical ag airplanes in the world – including low maintenance, less costly overhauls, and a lower specific fuel consumption than its competitors. Combined with a quieter cockpit, higher working speeds, and 940 horsepower on tap, the 510GR is a solid choice for almost any operation.


  • Unmatched stability and control

  • 365 square feet of wing area

  • Wire strike protection is standard

  • MVP-50 glass panel cockpit display

  • Powder-coated airframe

  • 29,000 hour wing spar life

  • Rugged 18ft long stainless steel belly skins

  • Chromate chemical conversion on each aluminum part

  • Stress relief of all stress steel parts including engine mount, wing attach tubes and landing gear attach point

  • Stainless steel cam locks, studs and grommets

  • Premium purchases parts

  • Best warranty in the business: 1 year on all Thrush manufactured parts

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