Airborne video recorder HD

Airborne video recorder HD
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Welcome to the Future of Onboard Video

The Commander was designed with the ambitous goal of being the most advanced, reliable, and compact onboard video recorder, ever.

Inside the Commander is a TI DaVinci High Performance Media Processor which allows for full 1080p Video, full color logo and text overlays, pre-roll, and multiple USB recording.

HD Video

The Commander accepts video from any HD-SDI or 3G-SDI source, such as cameras, switchers, and multiplexers. Video is recorded in full HD using the same compression as Blu-Ray, creating vivid recordings that are easy to view, edit, and store. Recordings are saved as an .AVI file and are encoded using H.264 AVC compression.

Overlay Color Logos

Video can be stamped with a color logo while recording. Transparent backgrounds are supported as well, creating a professional branded video without editing. A Logo can be added to the included SD card and then you can activate and position through the onscreen menu.

Overlay Text

In addition to logo overlays, multiple text overlay options are supported. Data from a GPS, external source, or the built-in accelerometer can be stamped onto the video while recording. Each data point can be independently activated and each has the option for: position, color, size and font.

Aerial patrol operators may be interested in overlaying coordinates, altitude, and heading. Adventure flights can overlay G-force data to enhance the customer experience. The time overlay can be synced with GPS time to easily synchronize multiple video sources for flight testing applications.

Automatically Add Intro Video

Never edit again! The Commander has the unique ability to add short intro clips to your recordings. Intro clips, also called “Pre-Roll,” are typically short (2-5 second) clips that feature a custom logo or message. These clips create a professional and finished look to videos and also provide an option to add a disclaimer or increase branding. The pre-roll feature is activated in the onscreen menu and an intro clip is loaded onto the SD card. Once activated, all recordings will automatically begin with the loaded intro-clip.

Real-Time Copy

The Commander is the only HD recorder in the world that can create up to four copies of your video while recording. Each time a recording is initiated, the system will automatically begin recording to the inserted flash drives. Once the recording is completed, you will have up to four identical copies of your recorded video and data file.

Aerial patrol operators can use multiple copies to store data internally and give a copy to their customer. Flight tours can immediately hand onboard video to their passengers. Airborne Law Enforcement agencies can quickly provide video evidence to the officers and departments they supported on the ground.

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