Miniature cockpit camera 1080p60

Miniature cockpit camera 1080p60
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Small Camera, Big Performance

RV-CAM-HD29_INSTFEATURE_MEDThe HD29 is the highest quality airborne camera available for its size while being robust enough for cockpit mounting in rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft.

Broadcast Quality

The HD29 features the highest quality components available with a Sony Exmor sensor, latest generation NextChip DSP, and broadcast quality Gennum SDI transmitter. Video is output via the SMPTE 424M 3G-SDI or 292M HD-SDI standards.


Housed in a machined aluminum enclosure the internal solid-state PCBs are mounted directly to the CS mount creating a ridged plane from the lens to the image sensor. Locking power and BNC connections allow the HD29 to be mounted in high-vibration environments.


A powerful DSP allows users to adjust settings such as; resolution and frame rate, shutter speed, white balance, back-light compensation, wide dynamic range, gain level, noise reduction, and flip, mirror, or rotate the image. A wide range of standard CS mount lenses allows users to choose nearly any field of view.


The HD29 has logged thousands of flight hours as a cockpit camera, helicopter camera, or aerial patrol camera and is currently in use in a number of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft including:

  • Airbus Helicopter EC130

  • Airbus Helicopter AS350

  • Bell 206

  • Bell 407

  • AgustaWestland AW109

  • AgustaWestland AW101

  • Robinson R44

  • Robinson R66

  • Gulfstream GIII

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