Aircraft turboprop engine composite propellers

Aircraft turboprop engine composite propellers
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Hartzell’s composite technology has been proven in years of service in the demanding commuter-regional airline industry on the Beech 1900C and 1900D, CASA 212 and Dornier Do328.

With over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of structural composite propellers, Hartzell introduced the second generation Advance Structural Composite (ASC-II) blade in 2006.

The Hartzell ASC-II is an optimized design mated to a proprietary, Hartzell-developed manufacturing process. The result is an advanced structural composite propeller that delivers all of the advantages provided by Hartzell’s first generation of composite propellers – low weight, low inertia, and low life cycle costs – while minimizing the major disadvantage: the high cost manufacturing process.

The Hartzell ASC-II consists of a unique monocoque structure of advanced composite materials. The structure consists of carbon fiber laminates integrated into a co-molded stainless steel shank. The leading edge outboard of the de-ice boot is protected with a co-molded electroformed nickel erosion shield.

The latest design to be added to the growing family of composite blades was recently certified on the Beechcraft King Air 250.

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