Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) – PBS – Safír 5 K/G Z8

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) – PBS – Safír 5 K/G Z8
© PBS Velká Bíteš

Safír 5 K/G Z8 is a new Auxiliary Power Unit designed to especially to supply electricity for starting the main engines and for airborne network in flight and non-flight modes. Furthermore, limited air bleed supply for the purpose of airframe installation is also possible.

The Auxiliary Power Unit has passed the certification process and gained the ETSO Authorisation of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and holds also the Chinese Agency CAAC certification. Although the unit was originally developed for a specific type of aircraft – the Chinese helicopter AC313 – the ETSO Authorisation and meeting CS-APU requirements enables the Safír 5 K/G Z8 to be used in civil aviation applications all around the world. The certification guarantees to the manufactures and operators that the unit can be used, installed and operated in civil aviation applications without any additional certification.

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