Airspeed indicator

Airspeed indicator
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The mechanical standby airspeed indicator is a panel mounted, direct reading airspeed instrument. This silent companion provides the pilot with the traditional mechanical display that can be relied on to get home should all else fail.

The compact 2” ATI construction of this airspeed indicator reduces panel congestion and has depth behind the panel of less than 4.75 inches.
Airspeed is displayed by a rotating pointer against a fixed scale in knots. The scale is non-linear and expanded at lower airspeeds for increased readability.

Cockpit replaceable lamps provide easy access for replacement of bulbs without disturbing the static pressure system seal. Readability is unaffected by single lamp burnout or replacement. The unit can be supplied with NVG compatibility for Aviation Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS) applications.

Low cost of ownership is enhanced by minimal parts count, high quality components, and emphasis on reliability, maintenance-free performance and ease of repair.


  • Expanded lower scale for readability

  • Direct Reading Mechanical Display

  • Cockpit Replaceable Lamps

  • Lightweight less than 1 LB

  • No electrical power for accurate airspeed indication

  • 5 or 28V wedge lighting

  • Fully environmentally qualified

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