Pneumatic-hydraulic tools GB703

Pneumatic-hydraulic tools GB703
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The GB703 series are pneumatic-hydraulic tools designed specifically for the efficient installationof a wide range of blind rivets. They can be operated in any position with one hand. They have a rated pull load of 2200 pounds (9.8 kN) with 90 psi (6.2 bar) air pressure at the air inlet.

The GB703SH and GB703SR riveters offer a unique “split” system providing the operator with an ergonomic tool with reduced hand held weight. The GB703SH comes with 8 feet of hose and the GB703SR comes with 3 feet of hose.


  • Commercial Blind Rivets

  • All materials 3/32" thru 3/16"

  • Aluminum thru 1/4"


  • One piece piston to prevent jamming

  • Accepts Cherry® H703 & H743 nose assemblies

  • LOAD: 2,400 lbs

  • STROKE: .780"

  • Includes Nose Assembly

* Champs obligatoires

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