Aicraft handling by suction pads

Aicraft handling by suction pads
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The aircraft industries take profitable advantages of the handling by suction pads, a gripping operated on only one face in order to ensure the perfect integrity of the handled part.

Left: Handling of a aircraft wing (ATR 42) by tilting for lifting and deposit on loading gauge. Cross beam with separated double circuit.
Aeronautical parts are by nature fragile and very expensive. Safety is a crucial factor to impose the technology of gripping by suction pad by associating with it a facility of use for the operator.

During the years, Acimex developed a multitude of different shapes and dimensions of polymer suction pads in order to answer the sometimes complex problems of handling. Thanks to our unique experience we are realizing turnkey equipment for customers as prestigious as AIRBUS, EADS, ASTRIUM etc.

Function: Our high quality vacuum devices guarantee the handling of expensive aircraft pieces

Location: inside use

Load capacity: up to 2 t

Main customers: Airbus

The device has a double, but seperated vacuum circuit and thus a high safety coefficient.

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