Injectable Seals Thixoflex®

Injectable Seals Thixoflex®
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Av-DEC's® two component urethane material is designed for use as a watertight, thixotropic, flexible sealant. The flexible nature of this system provides for easy access for repair long after the original application. The thixotropic properties of the sealant allow it to be used on vertical or overhead applications without dripping or sagging. The system demonstrates excellent adhesion to itself for repair, and provides a high degree of environmental protection with maximum sealing. Common uses are in filling gaps and voids, recessed screw heads and vertical/overhead applications.


- Provides a high level of tack to most substrates
- Ease of installation
- Ease of removal
- Leaves no residue when removed
- Polyurethane material
- Replaces moisture-retaining products around connectors


- Moisture barrier, corrosion protection, improved reliability, repair/scrap
- Low viscosity and cohesive properties assure proper sealing with 100% surface contact
- Reduction in: return-to-service time, troubleshooting time, labor cost, hanger time
- No solvents required, no scraping required, no paint adhesion issues
- Non-hazardous, no residue before, during, or after installation or removal
- Positive moisture barrier, easy removal from connector

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