Evacuation slide ES-320F

Evacuation slide ES-320F
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The EAM Model ES-320F evacuation slide is designed to provide rapid egress from the aircraft in case of emergency. The escape slide assembly consists of an inflatable slide assembly with Radiant Heat Resistant fabric, a compressed gas cylinder and valve inflation assembly (which includes an air aspirator), a composite packboard, and a composite decorative hard cover which protects the escape slide assembly while installed on aircraft.


EAM Model ES-320F Escape Slide
Approval Pending

- Designed for rapid egress from aircraft in case of emergency
- Assembly includes Radiant Heat Resistant Fabric
- Improved Composite Packboard Design
- New Generation High & Mid Intensity White LED Lights
- Heat Sealed Assembly
- Competitively Priced
- Air Aspirated Inflation System
- Improved Sequential Control Links

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