Emergency life vest XF-35

Emergency life vest XF-35
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Whether single- or twin-celled, the vest is designed with an open area collar to be placed over the head and onto the neck and shoulder area so that the vest rests on the chest of the wearer. The vest is secured about the waist using a harness strap. With a buoyancy weight of 35 lbs. pounds for adults and 20 lbs. for infants, the highly-visible yellow or orange cell is made of urethane-coated nylon material. When deflated in its packaging, the vest is compact in size and designed to protect the cell material and hardware components. Periodic maintenance inspection by our authorized professional repair stations is highly-recommended by EAM Worldwide in designated intervals.


Brazil: ANAC H.11-0017-006
Germany: LBA No. 40.321/33
Japan: JCAB No.690
UK: CAA No. AR01445

The XF-35 is only 1.13 lbs. (513 grams). The XF-35 offers significant fuel savings to operators wishing to stay with the added security of a twin-cell vest. 5 year frequency of inspection standard. 10 year frequency of inspection available.



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