Inflight entertainment iPAX

Inflight entertainment iPAX
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iPAX™ is a revolutionary new wireless seat-back system providing unprecedented revenue generation and entertainment capability for single aisle operators at an ultra low cost and ultra low weight.

iPAX brings an AVOD HD personal screen to passengers who currently have either no screen or share an overhead screen without the ability to select personalized content.

iPAX provides the first truly cost-effective HD retail, advertising and entertainment platform offering significantly enhanced revenue generation and passenger experience that wireless streaming to PEDs can simply not match.

iPAX simplifies installation and operation due to its wireless architecture. Transmitting content via wireless streaming to the HD display units embedded in the seats, iPAX features local content storage allowing instantaneous viewing of the most popular content and a reduction in the bandwidth loading of the wireless system.

Onboard sales can be maximized by utilizing the optional credit card reader embedded into every seat screen. In addition, airlines can select an optional 2.1A USB power outlet.

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