Inflight entertainment FTTS system

Inflight entertainment FTTS system
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The FTTS system is a revolutionary high-bandwidth AVOD passenger entertainment, communication and retail platform having the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the system. As such, it is the perfect system to both entertain your passengers (featuring dynamic language and Closed Caption selections from dozens of available languages) and to maximize ancillary revenue for services and products.

FTTS is a simplified, yet extremely high-bandwidth IFE system that results in lower weight, less cost to operate, ease of upgrade, higher reliability and a "future-proof" aircraft installation. Simply "plug and play" at the head-end and seat-back as future capabilities evolve. The installed onboard fiber network will accommodate system upgrades over the entire service life of the aircraft (so the airline should never have to rewire the aircraft to upgrade its IFE system).

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