Bolts & Screws

Bolts & Screws
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PCC is a market leader in manufacturing high-strength bolts

We utilize standard head configurations (hex, 10-point, 12-point, spline, D) and materials (alloy steel, corrosion resistant steel, INCONEL® alloy, WASPALOY®, titanium), as well as our own array of fastener superalloys and designs to produce bolts of superior quality and performance.
PCC manufactures all the major recess drive bolts and screws including MORTORQ®, ACR®, Phillips®, Torq-Set®, Tri-Wing®, Hex®, Torx®, Torx Plus®, and Hi-Torque® in fillister, pan, brazier, flush, flat, IWB, SHCS, and other common head configurations.

For safety critical applications, PCC maintains a comprehensive “in-house” manufacturing system for producing certified MS and NAS socket head cap screws to the FF-S-86 procurement specification.

Contact us for more information on the costs and risks associated with using non-certified screws.

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