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Perform Where Others Can't

This aircraft has such unique Extremely Short Take-Off and Landing (XSTOL) capabilities that it demanded a class of its own. The result of more than fifty years of evolution, the P-750 XSTOL is the world's first XSTOL aircraft unmatched by any other production aircraft and sets the benchmark for ten seater utility aircraft. The P-750 is Single Pilot IFR Certified (FAA) and in 2012 gained certification against ICAO Annex 6 for Single Engine IFR Passenger Transport Operations.

The P-750 XSTOL delivers unsurpassed capability to provide:

  • Take off and landing in less than 800 ft (244m), even when it is hot and high.

  • Operate off semi-prepared airstrips in all types of terrain.

  • Carry a load of more than 4,000 lb even in hot and high conditions.

  • Rugged construction with a low 150-hour airframe/engine inspection interval and 39,000 hours before any scheduled airframe maintenance requirement.

  • Proven, globally supported components from leading aerospace companies, including Pratt & Whitney, Hartzell, Garmin and Honeywell.

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