Aviator Sunglasses


Aviator Sunglasses
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No matter how many times you fly, you feel it... that breathtaking taste of freedom as you rise through the clouds and survey the horizon.

And now, Lightspeed Aviation has developed the perfect companion to enrich and enhance your flying experience — Lightspeed Aviator Sunglasses.


•      Lightspeed Aviator Sunglasses are the only aviator glasses designed exclusively to fit perfectly with your Lightspeed headset. Designed and made in Italy, the lightweight frames are made with the same flexible spring steel as the Lightspeed Zulu headband.

•      The sleek low-profile design fits gently against your head assuring a solid seal with your Lightspeed headset. And the removable anti-glare, non-polarized flip shaded lenses allow you to quickly transition from un-obscured sunlight to reading maps in a dark cockpit.

•      Now you can fly safer with greater freedom by eliminating the hassle of needing to change from prescription glasses to sunglasses — simply present your Lightspeed Aviator Sunglasses to your preferred optician. Your optician will use the clear lenses from your Aviator Sunglasses as a production guide for your personalized prescription lenses.

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