AC-235 Light Gunship

AC-235 Light Gunship
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Orbital ATK's special-mission aircraft offerings integrate intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors, fire-control equipment, and an LW30 mm link-fed gun system. These capabilities are controlled by our STAR Mission System, which provides both day-and-night reconnaissance and fire-control capabilities, and the ability to acquire, monitor and track items of interest.

The AC-235 light gunship provides customers with an affordable, enhanced capability to conduct responsive defense, counterinsurgency, and border surveillance and security missions on customer-preferred platforms.


  • Robust day/night ISR solution now available with precision-strike/close-air support capabilities

  • Ownship targeting and weapons employment provided via integrated targeting and fire-control systems

  • Off-board data links provide full-motion video to ground stations or other aircraft

  • Defensive countermeasures systems and ballistic protection standard

  • Night vision goggle (NVG) compatible

  • Adaptable to multiple platforms


  • Proven mission system: compact MPU, dual-color display, integrated fire-control system

  • EO/IR sensor with integrated laser designator and IMU

  • Fuselage-integrated weapons pylons support AGM-114M/K Missile and 70 mm rockets

  • Lightweight 30 mm M230LF

  • Synthetic aperture radar

  • AAR-47/ALE-47 defensive countermeasures system

  • Ballistic panels for cockpit and passenger protection

  • Line-of-sight (LOS) and beyond LOS tactical communications

  • Cockpit tactical displays

  • Tactical data links

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