Hydraulic Reservoirs

Hydraulic Reservoirs
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For over 60 years, aircraft manufacturers have selected Arkwin to design and manufacture hydraulic bootstrap reservoirs. Arkwin’s expert design and world-class quality provide a reliable supply of fluid to hydraulic systems under all design operating conditions. As the preeminent designer of bootstrap reservoirs, Arkwin has provided creative technical solutions incorporating relief valve components, thermal sensors, filters, heat exchangers, and fluid level indicators for a broad range of aerospace and defense applications to address hydraulic pressurization requirements.

Arkwin’s hydraulic reservoirs are installed on many of today’s civil and military aircraft.

Operational Characteristics:

- Generates aircraft return pressure preventing hydraulic pump cavitation
- Provides additional system pressure volume when unequal area actuators extend, improving performance
- Provides a storage container for changes in aircraft hydraulic system volume due to extremes of fluid temperature
- Contained fluid volume systems permit aircraft roll without losing reservoir fluid

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