GPU FoxCart™ Mark II

GPU FoxCart™ Mark II
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The FoxCart™ ground power unit is designed to provide smooth, high current DC power to aircraft during engine starts or ground maintenance. The FoxCart™, when used as an external DC source, eliminates or minimizes excessive current drain from the aircraft’s battery and battery relay contacts. Designed as a low profile unit, it requires minimum ventilation and is easily moved about in a crowded hangar by one person.

All units are provided in functional configuration with standard 15ft. DC cables with a molded aircraft plug and 50ft. AC cable with a Hubbell 460P7W AC plug.

The FoxCart™ is enclosed in an all steel chassis frame with a three-piece steel box siding. It is powder coated over a double coat of zinc based primer for maximum resistance to weather and chemicals. There are handles at each end and the power cables can be wrapped around them or coiled on top for storage. The wheels can be locked in place to prevent movement. Both power cables are clamped internally to the frame for strain relief. A host of options are available including Soft-Start, 14/28 Volt Mode, Hour Meter, optional cable lengths, and more to customize your FoxCart™ just for your requirements. Select link below to view complete list of FoxCart™ options.

FoxCart GSE warrants each new FoxCart™ Mark II Series to be free of defects in materials and workmanship, when operated by the terms of the owners manual, for three years from the date of shipment. An optional Extended Warranty is also available on all models that extends all terms of the factory warranty.

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