APU and APU components

APU and APU components
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Development, production and operation support of auxiliary power units is one of the key competencies of Technodinamika. The holding has produced APUs since 1965, and now they are operated for more than 20 types of Russian aircraft and several types of helicopters.

Over the years, Technodinamika has mastered five new basic models APU and 18 modifications of these small gas turbine engines. Currently, Technodinamika is developing 2 types of new APU. Power of developing power plants are in the range from 170 to 500 HP. Power plant of the holding company are technologically and structurally unified. Adapting to different on-board interfaces and operating cycles is implemented using modern digital automatic control system FADEC type and flexible configuration of aerodynamic parameters of the basic units.

Control systems such as FADEC, developed by Technodinamika, combine the functions of protection, control, monitoring and diagnostics. Due to the structural adjustment of units of automatic control systems directly into engine components and power plant, we were able to reduce the overall weight of the product.

In developing power plants currently are concentrated the most modern technology: "dry" reference engine parts, which do not require lubrication oil, high speed, brushless, integrated nodes in gas turbine engines; electric machines for vehicle power generation system and the motor units fuel and oil systems with digital control.

In addition, Technodinamika is the only Russian designer and manufacturer of ignition systems for all types of gas turbine engines. The igniters are also technologically and structurally unified. Thanks to the modular principle possible further modification of the units based on the needs of the customer.

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