Fixed wing FFS

Fixed wing FFS
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FRASCA is a proven supplier of Full Flight Simulators (FFS). We have delivered Levels B through D FFS’s for a wide range of aircraft types to customers around the world. This experience provides you with the confidence that your project requirements, budget, and schedule will be met.


  • Electric Motion for clean, quiet operation.

  • FRASCA uses advanced avionics to match the actual aircraft's avionics. Learn more about our advanced avionics.

  • Simplicity™ is our state of the art Instructor Operator Station software.

  • Level B, C, D qualification available under FAA, EASA, CAAC and others.

  • Multi-channel sound simulation.

  • Collimated visual systems available.

  • Tablet integration available.

  • Jeppesen® navigation data.

  • Durable design and robust components make your simulator of the highest quality.

  • On-Time Delivery.

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