Headset Telex Air 3100

Headset Telex Air 3100
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Excellent noise protection in a light full cushion headset

Comfort and Fit

The Air 3100 features a comfortable foam-filled headband pad and ear cushions. The headband pad evenly distributes the headset weight without pressure points for maximum wearer comfort. The ear cushions combine comfort and light weight with an excellent acoustic seal. An outer urethane layer ensures long life and gel-filled ear cushions are also available.


The boom arm features a sealed ball-and-socket joint and flexible boom for precise microphone placement on any head size. The boom rotates overhead for microphone placement on either side of the head. The microphone cartridge features a noise-cancelling electret element; the cartridge snaps on and off easily for replacement. The microphone amplifier, which is housed in the microphone cartridge, is adjustable through an opening in the microphone assembly.


The microphone cartridge is protected inside the boom arm. Shielded wire throughout the headset protects against RFI and EMI. Strain-reliefs on all cords provide maximum durability.

Versions Available

The Air 3100L is also available; this headset is a headphone only and therefore does not contain a microphone.


The Air 3100 features a unique design that allows it to fold into an extremely compact shape for storage and transport.

FAA TSO Approval

The Air 3100 headset is approved for aviation use under FAA TSO C57A and C58A. The Air 3100L is approved for aviation use under FAA TSO C57A.

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