Radio Tuning – Keypad G7424 Series

Radio Tuning – Keypad G7424 Series
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The Gables G7424 Series Radio Tuning Panels offer keyboard frequency entry for VHF and HF tuning. The RTP is offerable as Supplier Furnished Equipment on the B747-8 via Rockwell Collins. For non-B747-8 aircraft, the G7424 can be installed via third party STC.

Main features : 

  • 8.33 kHz capable

  • Frequency/channel keypad entry

  • Frequency/channel cross tuning

  • VHF and HF radio status monitoring

  • VDL Modes 0, A, 2 capable

  • Voice mode protection capable

  • VHF 2/3 data capable

  • VHF COMM test

  • VHF 3, HF 1, HF 2 absent discretes

  • Cross side radio tuning indication

  • Dual HF data link capable

  • Dual HF RF sense control

  • HF AM/SSB modulation control

  • HF 0.1 kHz spacing capable

  • High contrast LED backlit LCD

  • Non-volatile storage of front panel settings

  • Built-in-test (BIT)

  • Modular construction contributes to economical maintenance Liquid spill-proof design

  • Reliable switch design (one million actuations)

  • White LED display and panel lighting for higher reliability

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